1. Registration Period - Registration closes on the last day of the third week of the game. You must add or cancel teams by this deadline. Teachers will be responsible for payment for unused teams if not cancelled by the registration close date.

2. Cancellation of Teams – The cancellation of teams must be made through EconomcisWisconsin via e-mail or phone call. The email address is at and/or the number at the office is (414)221-9785. Cancellations must be made by the last day of the third week of the game.

3. Trading Period - See the home page for the official game dates and deadlines.

4. Teams - Teams should consist of no more than 5 students per team. EconomicsWisconsin holds the right to limit prizes to five per team.

Teams must make at least one trade by the last day of registration for the session (i.e. Fall - October 31, School Year - October 31, and Spring - February 27). Teams must invest at least $75,000 of their initial $100,000 in the market throughout the trading session.

Trades placed using the Administrator account will not be eligible for prizes.

Teams may NOT hold both long and short positions in the same stock at the same time.

Teams can trade up to half of the actual daily volume. Volume is the number of shares traded in a security or an entire market during a given period of time. It is simply the amount of shares that trade hands from sellers to buyers as a measure of activity.

Most sites such as Yahoo! Finance will display the volume when you look up a quote.

5. Initial Cash Balance - At the beginning of each new challenge, participants will be given an initial cash balance of $100,000.00 fictitious funds in their Wisconsin Stock Market Simulation portfolio account that can be used to make simulated buy or sell transactions as described in more detail below. Limit one Wisconsin Stock Market Simulation account per eligible person.

6. Eligible Securities – The Wisconsin Stock Market Simulation offers a wide variety of over 7,000 stocks. In order to be considered for the Wisconsin Stock Market Simulation stock list, securities must meet specific criteria including pricing, market capitalization and average daily volume. In addition, the security must also be traded on a recognized U.S. marketplace system such as NYSE, AMEX and NASDAQ. Mutual funds may also be traded.

7. Order Types and Trade Execution Stocks - Each account is limited to 150 trades during the Wisconsin Stock Market Simulation.

Market, limit, and stop orders will be accepted for stock orders.

All orders for North American stocks are executed at the real-time bid/ask prices as provided by our data vendor when placed during market hours.

Due to exchange rules, the web page will display a delayed price estimate of the price until 15-20 minutes has elapsed.

The transaction will automatically appear in the Trader’s Portfolio and Transaction History.

Market orders placed while the markets are closed or before the market opens will be executed as market conditions permit shortly after the market opens.

If the stock requested has not traded that day then the trade will be cancelled.

Trades placed after market hours can be viewed in the Pending Orders screen.

Pending orders can be cancelled until 9:25 am ET on the day the trade is scheduled for execution.

Pending market orders placed on halted stocks will be cancelled if trading does not resume by the end of the day.

If a participant does not have adequate cash or buying power to process a trade, then the numbers of shares will be adjusted to allow the trade to be filled as best it can.

Participants cannot cancel market orders placed during market hours.

Participants may invest a maximum of 25% of their simulated portfolio value in any one stock or mutual fund.

8. Commissions - Each trade will incur a broker commission fee of $10.00 which will be subtracted from the participants Wisconsin Stock Market Simulation cash balance.

9. Buying on Margin - Participants can borrow an additional $100,000.

10. Splits, Dividends and other Corporate Actions - Most stock splits, dividends, and other corporate actions reported by the news wires will be accounted for after the markets have closed and prior to the next market opening. These situations may cause account values to be misrepresented until the reconciliation occurs for next open business day.

11. Trading Halts - Halted, restricted, and blocked stocks will not be available for trading. Any trade that is confirmed after trading has been halted will be reversed.

12. Discrepancies - Participants should report any account discrepancy within one (1) week from the transaction date. The Wisconsin Stock Market Simulation Support Services Group will, at its sole discretion investigate and adjust any legitimate discrepancy. Discrepancies reported after one (1) week may or may not be adjusted. Contact or (414) 221-9785.

13. Transaction Limits – Participants may invest a maximum of 25% of their simulated portfolio value in any one stock or mutual fund.

14. Day Trading – Teams do not have ability to buy and sell the same securities during the same day.

15. Interest – You will earn interest on positive cash balances in your account and interest will be charged to your account for margin loans. Interest Earn Rate = 3%. Interest Charge Rate = 8%.

16. A current list of awards and prizes can found in the teacher kit. – Students in the 10 week games compete in all ages (K-12) competition for a cash prize. The prize will be awarded to the top team based on portfolio value. The rankings posted after a review on will determine which team wins the cash prize and which teams are invited to awards banquets.

SMS Advisors with outstanding balances or owing payment to EconomicsWisconsin will not be eligible for competitions and contests associated with the Stock Market Simulation until the outstanding amount is paid. Debts must be paid one week before the end of the trading period. Awards will be forfeited if debts are not paid by this date.

SMS advisors must be responsible adults 18 years of age or older and in association with an organization and/or school. In no case may they be a matriculated student in grades K-12. Teams that do not comply will be removed from the portfolio rankings.

The authority to remove a team from the rankings lies solely within the discretion of EconomicsWisconsin.

Trades that result from cases of stolen passwords and/or those submitted by a team member without the consent of his or her team mates will be reviewed by EconomicsWisconsin to determine the outcome.

Trades that result due to human error will not be deleted from accounts under any circumstance.

EconomicsWisconsin reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to disqualify any participating team for any reason whatsoever. One or more participating teams from a particular school or organization could be subject to disqualification by EconomicsWisconsin based on the participating team, the advisor, and/or the persons within the participating school or organization having engaged , directly or indirectly , in any: (a) fraudulent activity; (b) suspicious behavior; (c) tampering with the participation process or the operation of the Wisconsin Stock Market Simulation web site or any portion of it; (d) action in violation of the Rules; or (e) in an unsportsmanlike or disruptive manner.

In the event of an error on the part of Stock Trak and/or EconomicsWisconsin, their liability to a participant shall be limited to the refund of registration or other fees paid.

You can find the answers to frequently asked questions at:

Disputes and Errors:
If you and your teacher believe an error has been made in your portfolio, your teacher may call STOCK-TRAK @1-866-SMS-DESK, toll-free, to discuss the problem. Please review your statements and report any problems right away.

  • The management of Stock-Trak, Inc. is not responsible for trades or quote prices that are incomplete, incorrect or not received
  • The management of Stock-Trak, Inc. may use various methods (such as time and tape analysis) to resolve disputes.
  • The decision made by the management of Stock-Trak, Inc is final.
  • Trades that result from cases of stolen passwords, those submitted by a team member without the consent of his or her team mates, and/or trades that result due to human error will not be deleted from accounts.
  • The management of Stock-Trak, Inc. has the right to adjust or delete trades that are believed to be incorrect, and the right to terminate any account that they believe may have attempted to exploit, manipulate, or sabotage any part of the SMS trading system and/or web page.
  • The management of Stock-Trak, Inc. has the ultimate authority to settle disputes.
  • All contest results are subject to a final audit by Stock-Trak, Inc. to verify accuracy of the winner’s trades and portfolios. Stock-Trak, Inc. and the challenge organizers reserve the right to adjust the final rankings and winners, subject to the results of this audit.