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How will your students benefit from participating in the Wisconsin Stock Market Simulation?

Students grade 3 - 12 will:

  • Experience real-world investing and learn how our economic system works
  • Learn academic concepts that relate to their overall core curriculum Conduct research and complete analysis using the newspaper, internet and other resources
  • Develop Critical academic and 21st Century Readiness Skills
  • Apply and advance their math, reading, and writing skills
  • Strengthen their computer and internet skills
  • Work together and make decisions in teams
School Year Challenge
10.7.2013 - 4.17.2014
Registration Closes: 10.25
10-Week Fall Challenge
10.7.2013 - 12.13
Registration Closes: 10.25
10-Week Spring Challenge
2.10.2014 - 4.17.2014
Registration Closes: 2.28

Registration is open!

First Trade must be made by February 28

Registration ends February 28